‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: A Veto contingency plan

TallaWhat is going to happen with nominations today in the “Big Brother Canada” house? While many weeks thus far in the season have been fairly cut and dry, this one has apparently been not so much. (Spoiler alert!) Thanks to the small amount of people that are still in the game, there are not very many possible nominees out there … and it’s all about arranging it right to ensure that the right people, at least per Head of Household Jillian along with Emmett, leave the game.

The biggest concern that Jemmett has right now is that the person they leave off the block could win the Veto, and then use it to take down a nominee. If this happens, then Emmett goes up by default and is almost surely evicted for being such an enormous threat in the game. Jillian’s solution to this? Likely putting up Andrew and Peter, since the odds of Talla actually winning the Veto are slim to none.

Emmett and Jillian are also planning to make a deal with Talla that she will stay off the block, but she has to promise not to use the Veto if she wins it. The idea of Talla agreeing to this and then actually following through with it is laughable. She’s a smart enough player to know that Emmett needs to leave the game for her to have a chance, but the problem she really runs into in doing this is that Veto Competitions are usually physical, and that doesn’t really favor her at all. (Then again, what does favor Talla?)

We don’t know if the feeds are going to be off most of the day, but if they are we’ll be back this afternoon with a look at who in the jury is the most likely to return to the game.

What do you think: is Emmett and Jillian’s plan a good one, and do you actually want to see Talla win the Veto now just so it could blow up in their faces? If you want to read more about the hilariously awful punishment Talla and Andrew each have for the next few days, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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