‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: A new punishment (plus Topaz speaks out)

Big Brother CanadaBefore we get to the latest “Big Brother Canada” live feed update from Friday night, we thought we would start things off by sharing some pretty interesting parting words courtesy of Emerald “Topaz” Brady (and no, we still don’t get why she chose to go by a different gem than her actual name).

If you read our review of the live double-eviction last night, then you will be aware already of how clueless we were about Peter not using the Veto on Topaz, which pretty much guaranteed that she would be leaving the house. Why did he make this move? We still don’t know, but the following message from the latest jury member (sent to us as a part of Slice Q&A earlier tonight) suggests that she was just as blindsided by the decision as we were:

“[Peter not using the Veto] actually did surprise me – it was the second most hurtful thing that happened to me, after having my alliance not vote with me during the Instant Eviction. I really thought he would use it on me so when he didn’t I knew I was probably going home.”

Since the live show, we’ve started to figure that maybe this is all part of his plan to just lay low and not ruffle any feathers. After all, doing this has allowed Andrew to somehow become just as much of a target to Head of Household Jillian as he is. The one thing Andrew may have going for him now, though, is a sympathy angle courtesy of the latest punishment in the house.

What happened? As a result of some sort of Have / Have-Not Competition, Andrew and Talla lost to Emmett and Peter, and now have the dubious “honor” of literally having to be their servants for the next 72 hours. This means that these two guys (plus the HoH) cannot really do anything for themselves; instead, they have to have the Have-Nots do it for them. Plus, the servants have to up earlier in order to help take care of the house. If the rules are broken, everyone gets punished.

Of course, Talla is especially unhappy about this, and she and Andrew even got into a squabble over how unhappy that they were (plus the fact that neither wants to be a pawn at the nomination ceremony). The reality is this week that nominations really don’t matter; the only thing that would be really crazy (and possibly keep Peter safe) is if the person in the Peter / Talla / Andrew trio who is not nominated wins Veto, and takes one of the other two off the block. Then, Jillian has to put up Emmett, and there’s no way we see him staying

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Photo: Slice

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