‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 2 review: UV tattoos are a thing

Best InkWhile we’re no tattoo expert by any means, we like at least know the difference between black-and-gray and American traditional. However, what we did not realize going into Wednesday night’s new “Best Ink” episode that tattoos specifically made to be visible under ultraviolet light are really something that people are interested in. Then again, they may not be judging from the fact that no one in the competition seemingly had ever done them before.

The entertaining thing about the challenge of working in this medium is that it genuinely levels the playing field. While there are some more experienced artists than others, this was not someone who is a horror expert being told to necessarily do anime against three other anime artists. There were also opportunities for creativity to have a tattoo in the daylight become a completely different thing once regular lights are off and the blacklights go on.

As cool as this idea was in theory, we can’t say that there was anything within this episode that really convinced us that ultraviolet tattoos are really something worth going out and getting. If you are wanting something that is truly artistic and you are getting a tattoo, why just not have it visible where you can see it most of the time? Most of the work with the UV lights was not particularly good, and it felt like a gimmick more so than the work of art. These artists are largely going on the show for the platform, after all, and this does not give them the opportunity to really show off.

The only person who managed to do something that was both smart and beautiful in both lightings was Brittany, which makes it a very good thing that she ended up winning the ink challenge and immunity for next week. Meanwhile, Melvin went home after having some sloppy line work, and this was even after he accomplished the rare feat of drawing himself in two straight elimination challenges.

Like with “Ink Master,” it is easy in some ways right now to separate the contenders from the pretenders right now. Dollarz seems to be too inexperienced to go much further, while Kelly has struggled for two weeks in a row. Meanwhile, Teresa’s been so good that we can even overlook a dreaded spelling mistake (she shouldn’t have taken the client’s word for it), and Jarod has a great body of work and also appears to be one of the few guys not constantly puffing out his chest.

Are you digging “Best Ink” so far this season, and who are you rooting for? If you want to check out our thoughts on the season premiere last week, be sure to check out the story over here.

Photo: Oxygen

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