AGT: All-Stars season 1 finale: Will Kodi Lee win? Top contenders

AGT: All-Stars season 1

The AGT: All-Stars season 1 finale is set to air in just a matter of hours — so who is going to end up winning?

If you do find yourself asking that question this morning, let’s just make the following clear — we more than understand! This is a show that has showcased a lot of good performances, but also some unpredictability when it comes to the results. We know so little about the super-fans that it is really hard to gauge what they will do at any given moment … and we wouldn’t come into these final hours with any one person as a lock.

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Without further ado here, let’s go ahead and get into sharing the five acts who we think, at least for now, have the best chance of taking the grand prize home.

Kodi Lee – Given that he has won the show before, we have a hard time thinking that he will be anywhere other than the top three again. If he’s not the victor, he has to be the runner-up, right?

Mike E. Winfield – The show has made a lot this season of how a comedian has never been declared the champ. Just on the virtue of that alone and the quality of his comedy, he easily feels like he could take this home.

Power Duo – Maybe they are underdogs, but they evolved their act significantly in the finale versus what we saw the first time around!

Aidan Bryant – Given that he closed out the show and seems to be a franchise favorite, you have to consider him someone with a legitimately good opportunity of taking this home.

Tom Ball – Historically, America loves singers, and he is such an extraordinarily talent who got a Golden Buzzer from all the judges / Terry Crews earlier on this season.

At this point, who do you think is the most-likely contender to be the winner of AGT: All-Stars?

Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back around for some other updates.

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