‘Big Brother Canada’ review: A double eviction, a twist, and a strange move by Peter

Big Brother CanadaThere was so much that happened on Thursday night’s “Big Brother Canada” that we really don’t want to bury the lead here at all. Let’s just dive into what was one extremely crazy double-eviction episode that also contained another twist to boot.

Eviction #1 – Alec. We all knew this one was coming. Alec was playing a stellar game until the moment that he voted to get rid of AJ. That one decision ruined everything moving forward; it damaged his relationship with Topaz, and everyone else lost trust in him as a result. Not only that, but this move also helped to sink someone else’s game in Peter.

The new Head of Household – Emmett. There are a lot of question challenges on the Canadian show, and it’s a little boring. We can’t really feel a desire to suffer through recapping this, so let’s just say that Emmett won.

Emmett’s nominations – Topaz and Talla. This was very smart for Emmett to do. You could question why he didn’t nominate Peter, but the easy answer is that he wants to make sure that there is less hope of a women’s alliance breaking out between Talla, Topaz, and even Jillian. The only thing that was really dumb? Him saying that Talla “annoyed” him, which means she is more likely to convince Andrew to side with Peter, and those three try to take down the showmance moving forward.

The Power of Veto -Peter. This was a challenge that Peter needed, mostly because he could not take the risk of Topaz or Talla winning and him going up as the inevitable replacement nominee. We also like that it was basically the post office version of the infamous “clown shoe” challenge from season 13. The only thing we don’t get is this: why not Veto Topaz? It would have forced Emmett to put up Andrew, and with he and Topaz voting, they could have taken out a big threat in the game. Peter must seriously think he can work something with the boys, but we don’t get this move at all.

Eviction #2 – Topaz. This one was no question. After Peter’s bizarre move, Topaz was the easy target. Apparently, this whole move was just done to make Liza happy wherever she was, which is well and good … but not for Peter’s game.

The twist – Here we go again. Canada can vote one of the jury members back into the house … which to us means that Gary is going to throw his glitter all over the place again. Not so fair, especially if the jury has been talking to each other.

What did you think about this week’s “Big Brother Canada”? If you want to read some more live feed updates, you can do so over at the link here. We’ll have the next Head of Household result soon.

Photo: Canada

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