‘Psych’ season 7, episode 8 preview: How will Juliet react to [spoiler]?

PsychDid you see the ending to this past episode of “Psych” coming? We sure didn’t. We assumed that we were watching an episode that was all about Lassiter and Marlowe getting married without a care in the world, and that it was going to end, based on the discussion between Shawn and his dad, with some sort of talk about marriage between himself and Juliet. Then, the moment finally happened: Jules started to realize that Shawn wasn’t so much as a “psychic” as he was just really good at making observations. While the words “I am not a psychic” never came out of his mouth, he said enough to make it clear.

So why is Juliet so upset? The simple answer in part stems from her father, who lied to her routinely growing up, and she has said time and time again in the past that she can’t stand a liar.

While we don’t know that these two are necessarily over, we do at least believe that they are going to go through a pretty rough time for the rest of the season. After all, their entire relationship was founded on a notion, as ridiculous as it sounds, that Shawn was some sort of psychic detective. We’re not sure that everyone at the department really ended up buying into his scheme as much as his own girlfriend, but the fact that she did legitimately believe in him is far more important than what anyone else thinks. She really wanted to believe that he was who he claimed to be, and her world is turned upside down now that she’s realized that he is just some dude with great observational skills who got a job after he was desperate for work.

Are you as shocked as anyone that the truth came out last night, and do you think Jules will tell anyone else? If you want to watch some video from this past episode of “Psych,” you can do so over at the link here.

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