‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Peter’s last pat on the back

Big Brother CanadaIf you look at most “Big Brother” alliances over the years, the vast majority of them don’t make it to the end together. With Chilltown, for example, the furthest Mike Boogie and Dr. Will went with each other in the game was the final four. Meanwhile, you have to Sovereign Six that fell apart, the Regulators that tanked out of control, and Jordeff and Brenchel both losing one part of their showmance weeks before the finale. Really, the Quack Pack and the Brigade are more the exception then the rule.

This is why today, we prepare to eulogize the Shield, the most hyped-up alliance on “Big Brother Canada” its first season. Peter and Alec did a pretty good job controlling the game behind the scenes, but we actually think that Emmett has been more of a puppetmaster this season than they have. Plus, they also managed to sink their game somewhat post-jury with a number of weird decisions, with the most notable ones being getting rid of AJ over Andrew and Alec throwing the last two challenges, thinking that he was smart enough to not worry about the consequences.

Even Alec getting rid of Suzette rather than taking out a big threat was a Matt Hoffman-like blunder, which is probably why the season 12 star is the best comparison to Alec’s game. He was a good player who got rid of the wrong person, and it came back to bite him later on.

As for the “spoiler” part of this article, last night featured a conversation between the Shield where Alec tried to give Peter some advice moving forward, which includes trying to lay low, not ruffle any feathers, and only go for competition wins if necessary. Alec also said that he will try to influence the jury house to vote for him, and that Peter making in to the final two is almost as good as Alec making it there. (Sadly, Peter is a bit of a sitting duck for the double-eviction in that he is an easy vote who no one will be too upset over if he leaves; if he survives this, he has a chance to build some new relationships.)

If you want to read about how Alec attempted to pull a Dan Gheesling in the “Big Brother Canada” house last night, you can do so over at the link here.

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