‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale spoilers: Paul Wesley teases cure surprise

Paul WesleyBy the end of the season 4 finale for “The Vampire Diaries,” we are going to see what should be quite an interesting situation. Someone is finally going to take the cure … but the real question at this very moment is “who will it be?”. The most predictable choice would be that the person would be Elena, largely so that the show could be restored to very much what it was prior to the arrival of Klaus and all of the Originals in Mystic Falls. However, whoever said that this show was going to end up being predictable?

No matter what happens when it comes to the cure, series star Paul Wesley is making it clear that he hopes this will be an opportunity for the show to go back to its roots a little bit in season 5. Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly on this very subject, here is what the actor had to say:

“I like to think [next season] will maybe get a little less hectic and go back to some of the less complex days of just building character … Maybe one of us ends up being a human, and we see how we all have to deal with that on a much more grounded level.”

So what about romance in Stefan’s future? There’s no guarantee that Elena wants Stefan over Damon even without the sire bond playing a significant role, and executive producer Julie Plec hints in the same interview that at some point, she may even be willing to go down the Stefan / Caroline road. This is no endorsement that it will actually happen, but Plec claims that she has been shipping them in part since one of the early episodes of season 2.

What do you think about what Wesley had to say here, and who do you think is going to be the most likely contender to take the vampire cure? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read some more “Vampire Diaries” scoop on the Silas mystery over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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