‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ review: A crazy ending to a crazy episode

SurvivorAbout half an hour into this episode of “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites,” there was a definite reason to jump up and down with excitement. Thanks in part to a reward challenge that separated the eleven remaining players, there was time for some brilliant strategy that could lead to one of the greatest blindsides ever. Not only that, but there were funny one-liners, a budding showmance, and Cochran trying to be swayed hilariously to join a boys’ alliance.

In talking about this immunity challenge for a minute, let’s just say that this is something that we personally would never be able to do. Water is far more terrifying than eating some disgusting bug, and you have to deal with the panic that comes with this surrounding you and taking away your breath. Here’s some more evidence of how underdeveloped Brenda is this season: she won immunity here, and yet at the same time she didn’t get a single confessional. Meanwhile, Cochran got a victory dance and even a celebration back at camp!

Now, we get to the part of the episode where we start complaining. Why is Andrea trying to ruin all of the fun? The earlier blindside we were talking about was Malcolm, who was the target of a pretty incredible plan set up to completely decimate him thanks to Dawn working as a perfect double agent. Unfortunately, Andrea starting freaking out that there was going to be a group ready to take her out if someone plays the idol. We understand the anxiety, but wanting to change the vote from Malcolm to Michael? Lame. We really like Michael as a guy, but he’s not a big target in the game. Getting rid of Michael is not an epic move.

Then, something completely hysterical / awesome happened that suddenly made us completely okay with Michael getting booted: Phillip setting Malcolm up to make him think he was getting blindsided, just so he would flush out an idol. Rather than playing his own, though, Malcolm took Reynold’s! It was a brilliant move on Malcolm’s part in theory, but now his alliance is down a member and Reynold is surely an unhappy man. What a bizarre, fantastic ending to a season that is getting better by the day.

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Photo: CBS

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