Bel-Air season 2 trailer: Where does Will’s journey take him?

Bel-Air season 2As you get yourselves prepared for the Bel-Air season 2 premiere on Peacock later this week, of course there is a ton to discuss!

For the sake of this article in particular, though, we do want to get into the latest trailer that was released by the streaming service; after all, this is one that gives us a pretty fantastic sense of where the story is going to go from here on out.

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So where should we start things off here? Well, we suppose that a great, natural spot is discussing a little bit more of what lies ahead when it comes to Will’s journey. We know that he left Phil and Viv’s mansion at the end of season 1, and it doesn’t seem as though he will be back right away. He’s trying to find his own way in the midst of all the secrets that were kept from him, and that brings him to South LA. There are new opportunities that could find him there, but also new challenges. Is there a risk that he could fall into some old habits? It certainly seems that way.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot that is happening elsewhere as Carlton continues to search for his own identity in the shadow of the rest of his family. Meanwhile, is Viv really getting her opportunity to shine? We know that Phil stepped down from the election to spend more time with his family and ensure the truth didn’t get out about Will and the cover-up; yet, is he returning to work a lot sooner than expected?

Based on what we’re seeing already in this trailer (watch here), it does seem like Bel-Air is going to continue to do a great job giving us some nostalgia from the original show, while at the same time bringing something new and refreshing to the table. If it can keep doing both of those things at once, we tend to think the end result will be nothing short of fantastic.

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Are you more excited than ever, thanks to the trailer, to see Bel-Air season 2?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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