‘Buckwild’ canceled by MTV after Shain Gandee death; season 2 episodes will not air

BuckwildFollowing the tragic death of Shain Gandee last week, MTV has finally made a decision when it comes to the future of “Buckwild” … and it’s not a good one for those who wanted to see the show continue.

According to TMZ, the network has made the decision to end the series four episodes into production on season 2, and no specific reason was given to the cast as per the reason why. Production was halted after Gandee died of carbon monoxide poisoning along with two others, but the death was not connected to the series in any way.

There were some issues with “Buckwild” as a series even prior to Gandee’s death. The series, like its predecessor in “Jersey Shore,” came under fire from many people in its setting (in this case West Virginia), with the primary reason being that many felt that the show was giving viewers bad stereotypes about way of life in the state. While the show performed decently for MTV earlier this year, there were also two arrests involving its cast members since the show started airing: Salwa Amin for drug possession and Michael Buford for DUI. While “Jersey Shore” had its share of arrests, they may have been looked at differently since they happened while the cameras were rolling.

While we’re sure that some of the cast members are sad about this decision and would have liked to go on to tell the story about life without Gandee, from a network perspective it was probably the right move. This was a show that was meant to be lighthearted and goofy, and it would have a difficult time being that way while also staying sensitive to something so serious.

Do you think that MTV made the right move here? If you want to see what the show’s producers did in order to help take care of Gandee’s family after his passing, check out the story over here.

Photo: MTV

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