‘Shameless’ finale spoilers: Emma Rossum on how Fiona deals with newest crisis

ShamelessWhile there is going to be quite a bit transpiring on Sunday night’s “Shameless” season 3 finale, one of the stories that is surely going to get the most play is seeing how Frank manages to handle the fact that many of his past actions, including his history of drinking and smoking various drugs, have led to him being a position where he has to seriously think about his future. Is he even going to be around to be the father that he has long claimed he wants to be, or has he ultimately dug himself too deep a hole with the way in which he has behaved in the past? Hopefully, we will get closer to an answer by the time this season comes to a close.

In a new interview with TVLine all about this finale, Emmy Rossum specifically chose to single these scenes out as something that is worth watching, and explained that (of course!) all of the characters on the show are going to end up having different and divided reactions to what happens with Frank. Of course, some are going to handle bad news better than others:

“My favorite element of the finale isn’t actually about Jimmy or Fiona; it’s about Frank … It’s actually about how Fiona and Lip are dealing with the sad fact that Frank gets very sick and ends up in the hospital. We’re starting to see that he has done more harm to his body through his drug and alcohol use than we even know. And so that affects the whole family and all the kids. The doctors tell him, ‘If you don’t stop, you’re going to die…’  Lip and Fiona are dealing with this in very different ways.”

Do you want to watch a preview clip for the “Shameless” finale? If so, be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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