‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ rankings: Teams hurting Trace Adkins, Dennis Rodman

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeSadly, this weekend’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” episode is yet another short one, but hopefully, it will be made up for by being supremely entertaining. So who’s likely to get fired in it? The easy answer is someone on Trace Adkins’ new team. This is a group of people who have struggled almost across the board, and the only time they won was with a Project Manager in Omarosa who has already been fired.

As always, our contestant rankings are based #1 on task performance, but we’ve also got edit and the Trump factor included in here as well; however, we have to say that Donald’s favorites are not nearly as secure at this stage in the game as they once were.

9. Dennis Rodman (last week: 8) – We earnestly feel as though Rodman is not the worst person still a part of this show, but the problem he is faced with is simply that his team is more terrible than Gary Busey’s. So long as they keep on losing challenges, Dennis is his team’s consistently-targeted player and could go home.

8. Gary Busey (9)- With that being said, we have a hard time imagining anyone other than Gary going home on his team the next time they lose a challenge. Everyone, even Lisa Rinna, who went home early last year, is proving themselves to be extremely competent and capable of performing almost any task put before them.

7. Brande Roderick (6) – Once again, we think that Stephen Baldwin is a weaker player than Brande is; but her team continues to lose, and his continues to win. He’s also got a near-guaranteed safety net in terms of Gary, while Brande could be at risk a little bit sooner if Dennis continues to draw praise from the Donald.

6. Stephen Baldwin (7) – As we said, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Stephen has raised almost no money whatsoever for his team, and yet he continues to hang on thanks to their success winning challenges, and he’ll likely continue to do so since Gary will surely go home before him.

5. Lil Jon (3) – There’s a pretty big leap from #6 to #5 here, and as much as we love Lil Jon, we have to lower his stock somewhat since he lost this past fundraising task. He also has been shown to have a weaker team around him, and if there are enough losses that pile up, he really could be at risk.

4. Lisa Rinna (4) – Lisa did not necessarily bring in all of the whales during her stint as Project Manager, but she still did a pretty fantastic job. She managed to keep the peace on her team, win the art task, and do so by a wide margin. She has already improved on her performance from the first season, and there is still some time left.

3. Trace Adkins (5) – Just for being the strongest overall player on a weak team, Trace gets some props. However, at this point it’s hard to really say that anyone who is on that side of the boardroom should really get a spot in the finale at this point, and we don’t really know if Trace has done anything exemplary save for two tasks.

2. Marilu Henner (2) – The top two this week are unchanged, and the reason why is simple: they’re amazing. Both of them are contributing heavily, are smart business minds, and are also on winnings teams. The two have them have only been on a losing team once, and it was for something that was hardly their fault.

1. Penn Jillette (1) – Can anyone stop the creative machine that is Penn? He’s been very laid-back this season, but the moves he has made have been consistently praised across the board. He’s a force in all the tasks, has raised money, and has been identified as a strong play repeatedly. The only test remaining is to be a Project Manager … but will he really struggle against the other team?

Who do you think is the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” favorite right now? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below, and you can watch a preview for Sunday night’s episode over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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