‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kurt Sutter writes lyrics for upcoming song

Sons of AnarchyAs it turns out, Kurt Sutter is involved in “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 even more than usual. While he frequently does have his hands in just about everything that he can when it comes to the series, this is one of the first times that the showrunner is really taking a deep dive into something more than just choosing the music to appear on the show; he’s also taking a turn in helping to write it.

On Friday, Sutter explained on both his Twitter account and his latest “WTFSutter” video (which you can see below, with a warning for language) that he wrote down some lyrics recently that were in his head throughout the hiatus, and he has since had Shooter Jennings record the music for the song. This will be featured at some point during the first few episodes of the season, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to hear some more about this before it ends up airing.

As for some other details on the upcoming season, Sutter explains in the video what could happen with Jax moving forward, especially when it comes to his position at the head of SAMCRO and whether or not there will be even more backstabbing that happens moving forward:

“I think Jax is on that trajectory … After the events of last season with Opie, there’s a responsibility that Jax feels to the club, and we saw at the end of season 5 that conversation with Tara about getting out and not getting out, and my sense is that he feels that he has a bigger obligation to the club than he does perhaps to his family at this point. Not that he doesn’t love or want to care for his family, but I think he’s trying to step back and assess who he is and what his priories are and what his responsibilities are as a man. I think the club lands pretty high on that list coming into this season, so I think he’ll continue to do the right thing by the club, try to get them into more legitimate businesses, and try to do things to allow them to earn like any good outlaw boss would do, and keep them out of the crosshairs with the law.

“As far as backstabbing with any other members, if you talk to people who are in [other motorcycle clubs], it’s really just the nature of the world. There’s a lot of conflict within MCs, and as thick as the brotherhood is, things go bad sometimes. I won’t give away story, but I’m sure we will continue to see some of the internal stress that happens as a result of Jax being at that table, with Bobby, with Tig, and how Jax’s reign will be perceived and either accepted or not accepted by the members.”

What do you think about all of this news, and do you like to see the show inspiring music as much as music can inspire a show? If you want to watch some more “Sons of Anarchy” scoop when it comes to Jax and Clay, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: FX


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