‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The Head of Household’s supposed targets

Big Brother CanadaAfter seeing some of the “Big Brother Canada” houseguests sadly hit the hay a little bit early over the past couple of nights, we’re sure that strategy nuts out there probably loved the fact that the contestants were all awake for the better part of the night talking about anything and everything related to the game. So who is actually going to end up staying for a while? Be sure to read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

While we posted last night that Jillian was the new Head of Household, there is one other facet to her position that has come out since the competition ended: she made a deal with Topaz in order to win the last challenge, and it was that she would not put her up at any time during the week. Jillian seems intent on keeping this deal, but it also creates for her a pretty interesting dilemma of how much she trusts her other people.

Basically, her alliance is Emmett, Andrew, and Topaz, and it is almost a given now that Alec and Peter are going up on the block. The surprising thing is that Jillian is telling some people that she wants Peter out since he doesn’t talk any game with her; however, we really don’t think she will care so long as she can get either him or Alec out of the game this week. While Andrew seems okay with being a pawn, she doesn’t want to lose Talla’s trust by putting her on the block.

Of course, Peter and Alec are going to be pushing for Talla and Andrew to be on the block, but we think they will have a hard time getting this to happen. Their status as a pair is well-known, and Jillian is right to believe that Alec would keep Peter over Topaz any day of the week.

Do you think there is any way that both members of The Shield are still in the game at this time next week? If you want to read some more news from last night, be sure to read the “Big Brother Canada” story here.

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