‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: See Cory Monteith and Mark Salling at…

GleeWhile “Glee” is still keeping the storyline of its return episode a closely-guarded secret, we can share at least one of the first photos of the episode that follows in “Sweet Dreams.” So what’s going to happen there? When it comes to the episode as a whole, there are still many mysteries; however, the first photo to the left certainly suggests that Finn and Puck are going to be attending a very different sort of school.

Both Mark Salling and Cory Monteith’s characters appear to be living in some sort of dorm room. So far they both going to college? That much is unclear. The biggest issue when it comes to Finn being in school is simply that we don’t know where in the world he found time to enroll, since he wasn’t in school prior to the start of this semester.

However, this does ultimately constitute the latest chapter of what has been a very confusing journey for the guy time and time again. He’s never fully seemed to understand just what he wants as a character, whether it be trying to join the Army (and failing at that), getting Rachel back (which is still a work in progress), or working alongside Will (which led to him kissing Emma and angering his pal). Hopefully, this could play a place where he can end up getting some sort of clarity.

This episode will also potentially be the second-to-last of Monteith’s season, as the actor made a decision at the start of the month to enter a treatment facility for substance abuse issues. He will be back for the start of season 5 pending some drastic change.

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Photo: Fox

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