‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Joe Manganiello on Alcide as Lothario

True BloodIf you were disappointed that all of the potential Sookie / Alcide goodness on “True Blood” last season was taken away from you before things really started to get hot and heavy, you’re probably not going to be very happy with what is coming up on season 6, either. We know already that Sookie has a new and very different love interest courtesy of a fairy, and it now looks like Alcide is going to sewing some of his wild werewolf oats thanks to his new position of power.

Speaking in a new interview with E! News about some of his new romantic pursuits, here is what Joe Manganiello ultimately had to say:

“Alcide is now the pack master, which means he has lots of dating options … It’s good to be the pack master! I remember I asked the producer, ‘What do pack masters do all day?’ And they’re like, ‘They get all the were-b***hes!'”

What will be the most interesting aspect about this story from this perspective is if Alcide does let this new and inflated sense of power get to his head in any way. Will he be so distracted from all of the women chasing after him that he will start to become oblivious to the plight of some of his friends? None of the other packmasters that we have met over the years have been very even-keeled, though the one advantage that he may have at the moment is that he will have his father (Robert Patrick) around much more this year in order to keep him in line.

What do you want to see happening in the world of Alcide on “True Blood” season 6? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can watch the first promo for the new season over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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