‘Justified’ season 5 spoilers: Walton Goggins teases possible change for Boyd

Boyd and Ava, JustifiedSo are we going to see any sort of change for Boyd Crowder when “Justified” season 5 picks up next year? We already know that the character is in a more vulnerable place than he has been before, and without someone in Ava who is his rock and emotional anchor, it’s ultimately pretty hard to predict just what will happen.

What’s the one thing that we can say for certain? That we are going to see a man completely devastated early and often on this upcoming season. Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide Walton Goggins talks about how Boyd feels at this present moment after Ava’s arrest, and what sort of shape it puts him in:

“He has everything that he’s ever wanted, except the only thing that really mattered to him. To be away from Ava is his worst nightmare.”

While there is no proof that Boyd is going to wake up one morning and suddenly proclaim that he no longer wants to be an outlaw, Goggins added that if there is one thing that could convince this character to potentially change him ways, this could be it:

“In the life that he’s chosen and the price that he’s ultimately paying, I think this is a man who will probably be disgusted with himself. I don’t know that he’s ever felt that before.”

We know that Boyd will spend at least part of season 5 trying to break Ava out of prison, but as for whether or not it will actually happen, that much is unclear. After all, there are still plenty of scripts to be written, and the story can fluctuate in any given direction based on whatever is produced the writers’ room.

What do you want to see take place during the upcoming season of “Justified”? If you want to see what the show’s boss has to say about the new season, you can do so over here.

Photo: FX

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