‘Justified’ season 5 spoilers: What could be in store for Raylan next?

JustifiedYou probably have not had much time to really digest the season 4 finale of “Justified” yet, but nonetheless we have a treat for you: some early scoop when it comes to what could be coming up next season. Before we do anything else, though, we should start with a warning: this scoop contains spoilers from the finale (go figure), and it is still so early in the planning process for next season that things could change.

First of all, we know that once again, we are going to see the show toy with the idea of having Winona give birth to Raylan’s child; in addition to that, Boyd is going to have to figure out how to find a way to get Ava out of jail, and this is a built-in storyline from the get go.

For more specifics, look at what executive producer Graham Yost had to say to TVLine in a post-mortem of Tuesday’s episode:

“The only things we’ve come upon in looking at it is the idea of the baby being born and what will that mean to Raylan and to stories — especially if the baby is a couple states away. We aren’t necessarily interested in showing the baby being born, but we’ll see …  We feel we’ve done our thing of Winona being threatened for the history of the series. There’s also the ramifications of Raylan’s, if not promotion then certainly rise in stature, and what effect that will have. And then it’s Boyd, and what is he going to do to get Ava out of jail. Those are the big things. We’ll also have to have a couple writers head down to Harlan and start nosing around to see if there are any other little worlds for us to get into.”

Right now, the theme of season 5 seems to us to be evolution. These are not the same exact characters that we met early on in the series, and they have started to figure out more what they want out of life. However, there is a distinction between wanting something and fighting to make it happen, and this is what we will likely see explored next.

What do you want to see unfold on “Justified” next season? If you want to read our full review of the finale, you can do so over here.

Photo: FX

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