‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Jessica Sanchez talks more on upcoming role

Jessica SanchezAre you waiting for “Glee” to get a dose of Jessica Sanchez? Luckily, the wait for it to happen is not going to be too much longer. The show itself returns with “Shooting Star” a week from Thursday, and the “American Idol” star will be on board for the final two episodes of season 4 few weeks later.

So what sort of role will she play? Odds are, you have already heard that she will be taking on the part of a legendary singer from a competing glee club, which really should not come as too major of a surprise given that this is a pretty similar role to what the show cast Charice in back in season 2. As it turns out, Jessica’s character and Sunshine Corazon may have something else in common: despite both having huge voices, the characters themselves are actually pretty good people.

Speaking about this subject per Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, here is what Sanchez had to say:

“[She’s] some legendary diva singer that’s [actually] really, I guess, sweet inside from the rival school so I can’t wait to play that.”

Is this a character to be excited about? Since it is Jessica, the answer here is definitely. However, at the same time it’s easy to wish that the show had found a way to give her something that was a little bit different than a character we have more or less have seen before. Who knows? Maybe it is just different enough to not feel tired, but the important thing is that Jessica will get a chance to show off her vocal strength, while simultaneously getting some more exposure right around the time that her album “Me, You, & the Music” comes out.

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Photo: Fox

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