‘The Good Wife’ season 4: Boss explains ‘Vampire Diaries’ fanfiction surprise

The Vampire Diaries Cast“The Good Wife” is a show that is often stuffed full of surprises … and sometimes, these surprises come in the form of bizarre “Vampire Diaries” fanfiction featuring Elena and Damon. On Sunday night’s new episode (and in a video that you can see below), Kalinda confronts Diane about there being some of this very prose coming from her IP address and her email address, and the subject matter is just about what you would expect (though actually not quite as lewd as some of what is actually online). While Diane tries to pass this off on a member of her house staff, it’s pretty easy to figure out the truth: she has a secret hobby!

So how did the decision come about for the CBS series to pay homage to something on their sister station in The CW? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Robert King explained that it was just a situation where the cards really lined up for them to do show off something new with the Diane character:

“We obviously wanted something that seemed ludicrous and out-of-character for Diane to be doing.”

What’s also interesting here is that King reportedly also considered having the show in question here be “Sons of Anarchy” (which seems to be even more out of character for Diane), or “Supernatural” slash fiction featuring Sam and Dean, which certainly would have been hilarious and quite possibly even more based in popular fanfiction culture online.

King said that his relationship with Kevin Williamson also facilitated the decision, since he felt it would be a nice homage.

What did you think about this moment: funny, or unnecessary? If you want to read some more recent “Good Wife” season 4 scoop, you can do so over here.

Photo: The CW

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