‘Big Brother Canada’ interview: Suzette Amaya, plus words from AJ Burman

SuzetteThanks to the Easter holiday, the “Big Brother Canada” promotional tour with Suzette Amaya actually ended up happening on Monday rather than Friday, which means that it was only today that we were able to have a chat with the recently-eliminated houesguest from Thursday night’s show. (Looking for something from AJ Burman? Stay tuned.)

Despite having to basically spend all weekend lying in wait for press day, the good news is that Suzette still found a way to be in high spirits during a conference call with reporters, and was open to talking about just about anything and everything related to the game.

Cartermatt.com – Do you ever sit around now and ask ‘why did I pick up that blasted phone?’ It seems that this moment made you a target almost from day one, and you had a hard time recovering from it.

Suzette Amaya – It was like a blessing and a curse. It was cool to say that I was HoH, and I got to experience a little bit of that as the first [one] in Canada. It is hard looking back because people saw me as a mental threat or a wild card who wasn’t bonded to anybody, so I wasn’t afraid to make big moves.

I was hoping to float on by and make moves behind the scenes, but I continued to be in people’s conversations. But you know what? There were people who have chemistry, and there were people who were cuddling at night. And no matter what you told them about what was going on in the game, people are loyal to their cuddlemances and people were hanging out in the hot tub. I wonder if I could have done things different, but it’s hard to fathom what moves I could have made.

So have you had a chance to speak with Tom or some of the other evicted houseguests yet, and do you have any hard feelings over anything that happened?

I’m still in the dark. I haven’t seen an episode, I haven’t been online. I’m still disconnected from the show. I’ve left the house and I’m still waiting for the phone call back to my family. I have no hard feelings towards anyone left in the house. Tom and I squashed things in the end, and I would’ve liked to work with him if he stayed in the house. I think we’re grown adults, and in the house, things are a pressure cooker and become over-exaggerated and emotions run high. All in all, I think that we grew from this experience in a certain sense. I have no hard feelings towards Tom at all.

AnujWhen it comes to AJ Burman, he is not able to do conference calls for the sake of preserving how much he knows about the outside world. However, we were sent over a few statements from Slice from him, including one where he explained his reaction to being evicted:

“I’m not surprised. I knew Andrew had a lot of friends in the house as well, and a lot of people who wanted to play with him. I was surprised by Topaz’ decision – if she wanted to get Andrew out of the house I was probably not the right person to put up against him. “

Are you going to miss both Suzette and AJ on the show? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also check out the latest live feed updates from the house just by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Slice

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