‘The Walking Dead’ finale: Laurie Holden on [spoiler], season 4

Laurie HoldenSunday night’s finale of “The Walking Dead” definitely brought plenty of emotion to the table, especially if you are a fan of Laurie Holden’s character of Andrea. (Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead!) After spending almost all season long trying to make sure that everyone survives, she ended up being one of the casualties courtesy of The Governor looking her in a room with Milton, and basically allowing him to turn into a walker so that he would be able to kill the character in the most gruesome way imaginable. While Andrea was able to ultimately put a bullet in zombie Milton, it wasn’t until she was bit in the neck.

When asked about whether or not Andrea died “a hero or a martyr” in a new interview with TVLine after the fact, the actress simply answered by saying that she didn’t know before going on to explain the following:

“I’d like to think Andrea’s death will have meaning. That what she stood for and believed in will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of the people she left behind, because we all learn and grow from one another. I do love that the finale ended [with a shot of] a cross, because I feel that it’s a time for new beginnings and a spiritual awakening. Let the healing begin.”

Holden hasn’t been able to find new work until now thanks to the show’s desire to keep her character’s death under wraps, but she explained that she was open for a return in season 4 or any other time in the future:

“Anything’s possible. Who knows what they have up their sleeve? There may be scenes of Andrea and Michonne that the audience wanted to see. You may see more of renegade-Robert-Kirkman-bada**-Andrea.”

Are you sad to see Andrea go, or do you think that the purpose of Andrea on the show had been used up? If you want to read some more early “Walking Dead” season 4 scoop, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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