ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 18 review: Is [spoiler] really pregnant?

RevengeOn Sunday night’s “Revenge” season 2 episode, we saw what was ultimately an extremely crazy hour of television that aired at an inopportune time. We can’t imagine that the ratings are going to be altogether amazing thanks to all the competition (and the fact that there was no lead-in), and it’s a shame considering all of the cool stuff that took place here.

First and foremost, it appears as though Padma is no longer among the living. Thanks in part to the massive plot by Aiden (which he convinced Nolan to take part in), she was killed, and poor Nolan seems to be completely and totally devastated. This ultimately was a pretty terrible hour for Aiden as a whole, as he also was starting to get frustrated with Emily and Nolan.

Ms. Thorne clearly had some significant plans of her own this week to get inside Victoria’s head, as she used the newfound knowledge that Victoria had a secret son to her advantage by trying to subtly sabotage her masquerade ball. We still don’t know who exactly actually is her son, and it may not even be anyone we know. However, the biggest stunner was seeing Emily walk up to the nun that Victoria gave her son to and proclaim that she is pregnant. Is she really? We doubt it. This is probably just another part of the plan to figure out who this man is before Victoria does, and try to use him in order to take the Graysons down once and for all.

Speaking of people who are invested in this very goal, we would be remiss to not mention here the fact that we seemingly now have Jack and Ashley working together now with a similar goal in mind.

What did you think about Sunday night’s “Revenge” season 2 episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below, and you can watch some video footage from this installment by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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