‘The Following’ episode 11 preview: The hunt for Claire

The FollowingIf there was a scoreboard right now on “The Following,” it would read something like this: the FBI has about 2 points, where as Joe and his team have about 50. While there have been some casualties along the way, this group has really managed to get just about everything that they want while watching the FBI fail miserably in the process: Joe is now out of prison, they’ve continued their killing ways, and they also now have Claire in their possession to go along with her son.

As if all of this was not bad enough, Monday night’s new episode makes it very apparent that Joe is going to more or less force his ex-wife to love him again if she wants to be connected with the rest of her family. Really, Joe? She gets all dressed up for you with the trendy hairstyle, and this is how you treat her? The thing that is perhaps the most bizarre about this whole ordeal is that James Purafoy’s character has to realize that there is no way in which he is going to be able to win at this at the end of the day, but yet he continues to keep fighting and go about his daily life.

This episode is entitled “Whips & Regret,” and you can read the full synopsis of the hour courtesy of Fox below:

“After losing Claire to Joe’s followers, Ryan and Parker attempt to recover while the FBI tracks down an undercover location that may have dark ties to Joe’s following. Meanwhile, Claire adjusts to life at the follower’s mansion and has an unexpected reunion, while Emma and Jacob continue to deal with Emma’s betrayal.”

Do you think that Ryan and the FBI are going to really have a victory this week? If you want to read some more news related to “The Following,” you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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