‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 premiere spoilers: Emilia Clarke on Dany’s journey

Emilia ClarkeWhen the “Game of Thrones” season 3 premiere kicks off on Sunday night, some stories are going to be a pretty slow build before they become awesome. When it comes to Daenerys, meanwhile, things are going to be full-octane right from the get-go. There won’t be nearly as much time traveling before getting to a city, and while at Astapor, she will have an opportunity to try and build an army the likes of which would actually make King’s Landing tremble.

So how does the actress behind the character see this transition? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, Emilia Clarke teased just why this season is different than what Dany has been through thus far, and how she is able to use her knowledge of the world to her advantage:

“She hits the ground running, lets put it that way … Season two was so much about trust and she learned she couldn’t trust many people. Season three is her trusting herself and not trusting other people. She has to prove to herself and others that she knows what she’s doing.

“She starts the season with nothing — just the dragons. It’s a huge test this season to get the army. It’s what she always should have had, basically.”

Clarke also teased that there will be at least some romance coming her way this season, but it’s still to be seen if it is anywhere near on the same level as we saw with Drogo early on.

Are you more excited for Dany’s storyline than any other on “Game of Thrones” moving forward? If you want to see some cool music and Wilding-related videos to get you even more psyched for what lies ahead, you can do so just by visiting the story over here.

Photo: HBO

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