‘American Idol’ reaction: Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos talk elimination episode

American Idol Logo“American Idol” is starting to find itself in a controversial place again, and we can’t say that this is something that was vacant from the minds of some fans the moment that Lazaro Arbos was put into the top 20. He’s an inspirational story and of course that means that he is someone that people in tough circumstances are going to want to vote for. However, there also comes a time when talented vocalists start to go home before him, and the biggest tragedy of all occurred when Devin Velez was sent home instead of Lazaro, despite the latter having a total breakdown during a group performance and forgetting his lyrics.

So what did the two parties each have to say after everything that went down? While we saw emotions get the best of everyone on the show Wednesday night, both Devin and Lazaro kept it classy on Twitter after the show. Let’s start with what Lazaro had to say moving forward into what is going to be an all-rock week with no ballads:

#lazis thank you soo much for keeping me I was so sad to see Deven go but glad I get to sing for you guys more :).”

Meanwhile, Devin also opted to go with a positive response suggesting that he probably knew this was coming after two weeks of being in the bottom two:

“Devineers! :) its ok guys! :) im fine! We’re staying positive! God has plans, and im not stopping here! Thanks so.much!”

Of course, these two tweets also illuminate something that has been on our minds as of late: does everyone really have to name their fan followings? Remember the days when you could just say that you are a supporter of (insert any name here)?

Anyway, we digress: do you think that Devin is handling this situation well, especially since it cannot be easy to do so given the circumstances? If you want to read more about the theme for next week, you can do so over here.

Photo: Fox

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