‘Duck Dynasty’ review: Lord of the rings

Duck DynastyYou have to give “Duck Dynasty” credit for managing to stay so similar three seasons in; at this point, it would be so easy for the Duck Commander boys to be able to wake up one morning and let the fame or the extra money get to them, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact. We still see Willie complaining about his wife spending money at a jewelry store, and we still see Si complaining about ridiculous things and telling stories that make little to no sense.

While we know that this cast is business-savvy away from the show (as early reports out there are that they are in the thick of¬†negotiations¬†for a new contract for next season), you don’t see nay of that on the show. Instead, this week focused on what was primarily a comical search for Jase’s wedding ring as he managed to buy a new one and then lose it in a very short amount of time. The story went that he had it on, shot a gun off, and then it was gone. We have no idea how this happened, but lo and behold it did.

Some of the other funny moments this week included finding out that Si was a major hoarder, Si also burying Vietnamese currency (Dongs) in his backyard, and Jase literally considering getting a tattoo of a ring so that he doesn’t really have to worry about buying another ring (which he will probably lose again). The lucky thing for him was that he had the ring the whole time, and so he bailed himself out of doing something that involved needles. It was a pretty funny plot, mostly because we know that this is something that will probably happen to Jase again.

Oh, and the only thing the boys found in Si’s backyard were just a few cheap quarters.

Overall, what did you think about this “Duck Dynasty” episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also read one of our most-recent episode reviews by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: A&E

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