‘Justified’ season 4 finale spoilers: Can Raylan save Winona and his unborn baby?

JustifiedOver the past few seasons we have found ourselves rooting more and more for Boyd and Ava on “Justified”, but even more so during season 4.  They have had a particularly rough go at things this season and every time they get closer to the brass ring it is snatched just out of their reach.  They started this season with a promising future – Boyd had saved enough money for a nice house, he and Ava got engaged and business was booming.  Now they have lost their fortune, Nicky and Theo are still out to kill Boyd, and Ellen May is in police custody and likely going to sing about what Ava did.

“Justified” season 4 introduced a brand new aspect to the show in the last episode, and it’s a big one.  Nicky and Theo are going after Raylan by threatening to hurt Winona and his unborn baby girl.  It’s a pretty heavy plot line to throw in with only one episode left, and it’s not exactly clear what Nicky and Theo hope to get out of the situation.  It’s not like Raylan can give them Drew Thompson at this point, that game is over, so what is it they want?

In a new preview for the finale of “Justified” season 4 (which you can check out below) we see Raylan facing off against Nicky and Theo’s men while they are holding Winona hostage. Boyd and Ava’s trials are not over yet as they realize Ellen May is likely going to tell the Marshall’s everything that happened with Delroy.  They decide that the best thing they can do is move his body, so that if Ellen May does tell on them there will be no body to be found, but where will they move it to and can it stay hidden to keep Ava out of jail?

The season finale of “Justified” season 4 airs on Tuesday, April 2nd at 10 p.m. on FX, so be sure to tune in and see how it all turns out.  If you missed last night’s episode of “Justified” and you want to catch up then check out our review of the episode here.

Photo: FX

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