‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Will Peggy Olson become Don Draper?

Peggy OlsonWe are dying to know what everyone on “Mad Men” has been up to since we last saw them in season 5, but the character we are most interested in is Peggy Olson.

Peggy is the one character that viewers have really watched grow over the past 5 seasons as she started as Don Draper’s secretary and worked her way into being a copywriter.  Her creative edge over the other copywriters became apparent in the past few seasons where she was really going toe to toe with the men at the company, but every time an opportunity came up for a big campaign or to move up at SCDP she was always looked over by Don and the rest of the staff.  Was it because she was a woman or was it because Don was threatened by his protegee who was clearly becoming just as good as he is (maybe even better).  By the end of season 5 of “Mad Men” Peggy realized she had to move on if she was ever going to be taken seriously and took a job at a competing advertising company, much to Don’s dismay.

So is Peggy going to be happy at this new company or will she come across the same roadblocks like at SCDP?  In a new interview with TV Guide Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) said that because Don Draper was her example of how to be a boss, she might be trying to hard to “emulate” him at her new place of business.  She said: “Her example of how to be a boss is Don Draper, and I am not sure that’s the greatest example.  The whole season is about people being confronted with their own demons and just kind of treading water and feeling like they just keep winding up in the same place. She might be trying to emulate Don, but she’s going to have to figure out how to be herself.”

“Mad Men” season 6 returns to AMC on Sunday, April 7th at 9 p.m. for a special 2 hour premiere, so be sure to tune in and see how Peggy is fairing at her new job and if she ends up becoming a female Don Draper.

Photo: AMC

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