‘The Walking Dead’ episode 15, season 3 review: Did Rick give up Michonne to the Governor?

The Walking DeadOn tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3 Rick decides that he’s going to give up Michonne to the Governor in order to save the group and he goes to Merle for help.  Merle tells him what the Governor is capable of, but Rick stands by his decision to give up Michonne, until he starts seeing visions of Lori again and his conscious kicks back in.  Rick decides to speak openly with the group, telling them the offer from the Governor and how he had decided that he was going to give up Michonne.  He apologizes for not being honest with the group and tells them that he is not their leader, that they decide as a group from now on about what they do.

Daryl tries to fix the situation between Glenn and Merle, but Glenn isn’t having any of it.  Glenn goes to Herschel and asks for his blessing to marry Maggie and he gives it.  He goes out into the field looking for walkers with engagement rings to take and give to Maggie and when he finds the perfect one he proposes to her and she says yes, unfortunately (for us) the proposal was a little anti-climatic considering that Glenn and Maggie’s love is really the only beacon of hope in this show.

Daryl goes to talk to Merle about Glenn and Maggie, but Merle tells him that what they are going to do to Michonne is no better.  Merle and Daryl are pretty sure that Rick won’t be able to go through with it, so Merle decides to take things into his own hands and knocks her out, binding her with wire.  Merle decides to take Michonne to the Governor and do what Rick couldn’t do, but when Rick finds out what Merle did he wants to go after them – Daryl tells Rick to stay at the prison and get ready and that he will go after Merle, because he thinks he can get the situation under control better then Rick can.

While on the road Michonne tries to talk Merle into going back to the prison and explain the situation and as Michonne keeps talking, Merle realizes that handing over Michonne isn’t what he wants to do – he wants to deal with the Governor on his own, so he sets Michonne free and heads off.  Daryl finds Michonne on the road and sends him in the last direction she saw Merle, but Merle has gone to the meeting spot where Rick is supposed to meet the Governor.  Merle has set a trap for the Governor’s ambush, a car blaring loud music covered in zombies and while the Governor’s crew takes care of the zombies, Merle sneaks into the meeting spot and starts taking out his men.  Eventually the Governor finds Merle and shoots him dead – as much as we wanted to hate Merle and at many points yelled at our TV’s over some of his choices, we loved him on the show.  When Daryl finally finds Merle he is a walker and Daryl is devastated, especially because he is the one that has to put Merle down.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3?  Were you happy to see Merle make the right decision and let Michonne go free? Did you like the way Glenn proposed to Maggie?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: AMC

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