ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 18 preview: Detective Ryan’s story and more

Seamus DeverWhile we know already that Monday night’s new episode of “Castle” season 5 is going to very much revolve around what is going on with Seamus Dever’s character of Ryan, we are actually not going to see too much of him in the sneak peeks below. As a matter of fact, he does not turn up at all until the last one that we have to share, and that is for a scene that we certainly did not see coming.

First, let’s start things off with the murder that gets him so deeply involved in the first place. We have a baker, and it is someone whose body was found with their head literally in a mound of chocolate. (If you’re going to go out, isn’t this the way in which you want to do it?) Castle was quick to investigate the scene; and by investigate the scene, we really mean that he just proceeded to chow down on some of the nearby baked goods.

When it comes to the story in the long-term on this show, the second video we have to share here may be the most important. Why? It features Beckett trying her hardest to confront Castle about some name that he was saying in his sleep the night before, but he wasn’t really keen on giving up this information. This may not seem that important at first, but remember what Meredith said to him earlier this season: Rick’s a great guy, but you’re with him for years and then realize that you don’t know anything about him. This will nag at Kate until she gets an answer, and we’re not quite sure that she will here.

As for Ryan, his shocking moment comes when a woman named Siobhan ends up arriving at the station … and then promptly kisses him on the lips. What gives? The only thing that makes this worse is that his wife Jenny is also in the room, and knows nothing about this woman or that Ryan has another name that he once went by.

What are you excited to see in this episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also head on over to the link here in order to read some more scoop about the long-awaited 100th episode.

Photo: ABC

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