The Resident season 6 finale: Did it feel like a series finale?

The Resident season 6 logoAs we prepared for The Resident season 6 finale tonight on NBC, we anticipated some bad news. With that, let’s start with something positive: Chastain is saved! The Governor decided to restore the funding to the hospital. Also, Dr. Ian Sullivan got an offer to return to the hospital under certain conditions — that he be tested regularly and stays sober. One failed test, he’s gone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bell became eligible for Devon’s clinical trial — that means bad news for his state at present, but there is a chance to remission down the road. (We don’t get the impression that Bruce Greenwood is going anywhere, so we wouldn’t worry about that at all.) Padma also had an opportunity to see her kids again after struggling so hard with postpartum depression. She and AJ have the best opportunity they’ve had to move forward and parent. Oh, and did we mention that Devon proposed to Leela, and she said yes? Another happy moment!

So after all of these positive stories, we’ll admit that we were waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the final minutes, we saw Conrad and some other characters celebrate Gigi’s birthday — it was sweet, heartfelt, and a nice reminder of the family that has formed at Chastain. If there was a cliffhanger here, it would’ve been a total punch in the gut.

In the end, the biggest surprise at all was that there was no cliffhanger here at all — Conrad told Billie he loved her, she said it back, and the two kissed. This was a finale that could very well be a series finale. If there was nothing more, clearly the producers wanted you to come out of this feeling good, and not like you were getting left without any sort of closure.

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What did you think about the events of The Resident season 6 finale as a whole?

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