NBC to air interview with Jerry Sandusky on ‘Today Show’; bad move?

Today ShowWe’re going to dip our toes into some new controversy brewing over at NBC, and unlike the rumors around Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, this one couldn’t be more serious.

According to a new report from the Associated Press, Monday’s edition of the morning talk show will feature an interview featuring convicted (and jailed) ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky that is a part of an upcoming documentary about Joe Paterno being made by a separate filmmaker. This scandal involving Sandusky’s child abuse, which in turn led to a massive attempt to cover up the wrongdoing that cost Paterno his job, was something that shocked and appalled the college football world when it first came out. Just as some of America was starting to move forward following everything that happened, this documentary is thrust right back into the limelight.

Here is the ultimate debate that we can have when it comes to NBC’s decision to air the footage. As journalists, they are certainly allowed the opportunity to tell every side of the story, including a side that few people may want to hear considering the enormous evidence against him. However, didn’t Matt Lauer say recently that he was happy that the show was moving in a less depressing direction? We can’t honestly think of anything more dreadful than sitting down and listening to this interview.

The other thing you have to wonder is whether or not there is any journalistic value to this story at all. Considering that Sandusky hardly accepted responsibility before entering prison, what is really going to change now? We just don’t see how any victims, families, or even those unattached to Penn State are going to get anything out of this.

What do you think about NBC airing this interview, and will you watch?

Photo: NBC

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