The Last of Us season 1 episode 2 trailer: Is Ellie the cure?

The Last of Us season 1As you get yourselves set now for The Last of Us season 1 episode 2 next week on HBO, we hope you’re prepared for a true expansion of this world.

Following the premiere the network did show a trailer for what is coming up next, and it’s clear just from watching that what the real focal point is going to be here: Ellie. Or, to be specific, what makes her so special.

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Is Bella Ramsey’s character the cure? If nothing else, we know that she comes with answers as to what’s really happening with the fungal virus that has completely decimated the human race. She was “infected” three weeks ago and yet, she hasn’t transformed. She’s different, and the trailer makes it clear that she and Joel have a pretty clear plan when it comes to dealing with this: Tell no one, and trust no one. Heck, they don’t even need to have conversations with each other. Despite the high stakes at the center of this, Joel is really thinking about this just in terms of finding Tommy and/or getting that car. He’s clearly a guy just desperate to preserve whatever humanity he has left. So much of it, after all, was lost when his daughter died twenty years ago.

Odds are, Joel’s afraid to get too close to Ellie in the fear of losing her and dealing with that emotional devastation all over again. Ellie knows that she’s special, but that in itself is not going to keep her safe. These two have a long road trip ahead and through that, we’re going to meet a number of fascinating characters played by some familiar faces. How can you not be excited to have Nick Offerman appearing on the show at one point?

Be sure to watch the full trailer for what’s ahead now here.

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