The Flash season 9: Will Carlos Valdes return as Cisco?

The Flash season 9Is there a chance that we’ll see Carlos Valdes back as Cisco Ramon during The Flash season 9? On paper, it seems like a sure-fire thing to assume. Why wouldn’t the series want to bring back the OG series regular?

Well, the simplest answer we can offer on this is that nothing is ever quite that simple. You have to find a story that makes sense and beyond just that, Valdes has to have the room in his schedule to make it happen. This is a guy who is working on some other things as of late, including Hulu’s upcoming musical project Up Here. Speaking to TVLine recently, Valdes himself said he simply didn’t know if he would back for another appearance as the character. With that being said, he added that he “[couldn’t] imagine a scenario” where Cisco did not have some sort of role in the end of this story.

Personally, we tend to think that this is going to happen, even if we’re talking about something as simple as a brief video cameo we see at the end of the story. This could be something that plays a small role in an upcoming episode but would be super-nostalgic and a lot of fun for people to see. We already know that there are so many other characters from the past who are coming back, whether it be villains like Bloodwork or someone in Pied Piper who has had a fascinating role throughout the run. We’re even getting back Oliver Queen and John Diggle! The fact that we’re seeing those two characters back shows exactly how much a celebration the end of the show will be.

Remember now that the final episodes will start on February 8; if we do get an appearance from Valdes, it will likely be later on down the road.

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Are you hoping to see an appearance from Cisco moving into The Flash season 9?

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