Jack Ryan season 4 premiere date: The same exact window?

Jack Ryan season 3As we look towards a Jack Ryan season 4 premiere on Prime Video, there is of course a lot for the Prime Video team to look over. Take, for example, the best possible window in order to launch it.

Given that filming is already done for the series and has been for a little while, there is a case to be made that the show will be starting up a little earlier in the year. There’s also a case to be made that we’re going to see the show once again in December, the same exact time that we saw this past season.

So what direction will the show go in? More than likely, the latter, largely because there is no clear evidence they will do anything otherwise. Prime Video needs holiday programming that is not actually about Christmas. They want to have people subscribed throughout the year. These are clear reasons to think that they will wait until November and December. Also, releasing two seasons of this scale in less than 11-12 months would be pretty unusual, even if episodes are already done.

If the streaming service does go in another direction, when can you expect to know? More than likely, you’ll find out over the next several months. If the summer rolls around and you still haven’t heard anything about the John Krasinski show’s final season, more than likely we’re going to be getting a premiere late in the year all over again. Why change something if you don’t have to?

Remember that in 2022, we had a premiere date reveal in September. It feels, at least for now, fair that we’ll see something similar here.

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Do you think that we will see Jack Ryan season 4 premiere in the same window that we saw season 3?

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