‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: Will Pelant be back before the end of the season?

bones“Bones” still has a ton of unfinished storylines left this season to wrap up, one of them being about Pelant and the havoc he’s caused to the crew working at the Jeffersonian lab.

Pelant made a brief return during “Bones” season 8 where he drugged Hodgins and Angela, left a corpse hanging above their bed, a ring of flowers around their son’s crib and drained their bank account dry from the fortune that Hodgins had stashed away. Not only did Pelant do all of that, but he also got away and with how upset Hodgins and Angela were over the incident (at one point they were prepared to go all vigilante on him) we are surprised how long it has taken the series to get back to this story line.  There has literally been absolutely no mention at all of Pelant since he came back, threatened and ruined Hodgins and Angela’s lives and took off – why is no one worried about him?

In a new interview with TVLine, executive producer, Stephen Nathan, said that they will be revisiting the Pelant situation and that we will find out more about him.  Many fans want to know if the mystery involving the alarm clock would be revealed by the finale, but Nathan says it’s likely won’t happen by the season 8 finale.  He said: “We might not find that out in the finale, but we will certainly find out more about Pelant. Since the finale is probably not the end of him, there’s no reason to revisit the alarm clock yet.”

Another hot topic is a Booth and Brennan marriage and with rumors surfacing that there will be a wedding before the end of season 8 everyone is hoping that it will be the two of them that will tie the knot.  The thing is a Booth and Brennan marriage is likely going to be a “Bones” end game plot, so it would be surprising if the marriage that is allegedly going to take place before the season is out is theirs.  Nathan confirmed that the marriage issue for Booth and Brennan will play a part in the season 8 finale of “Bones”, but he wouldn’t say if it’s actually going to move forward or not.

Do you want to see Booth and Brennan get married this season or do you think the show should save that plot until the series is ending?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you want to see happen with Booth and Brennan.  Also if you happened to miss Monday’s episode of “Bones” season 8 then be sure to check out our review of the episode here.

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