Yellowstone season 5 episode 9: What hiatus means for season 6

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 is going to be coming to the Paramount Network this summer — that much is very much clear. Yet, there is still some uncertainty out there when it comes to a season 6.

Should we just go ahead and assume that we’re going to get more of the Kevin Costner series? We recognize that sometimes, assumptions can be a dangerous thing; yet, it is hard to be anything other than super-confident about where things stand at the moment.

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Through the first part of season 5, Yellowstone remains a dominant force. Not only are the show’s ratings still strong, but it has found its way into the awards-show circuit to a certain extent. There is no evidence at the moment that Taylor Sheridan is done telling these stories, so that is perhaps the most important thing. He is the main driver of the story and with that, he will be in control of what the future holds here.

Because there are still so many episodes to go in season 5, there is no real reason for anyone to rush along a renewal behind the scenes. We tend to think that we’ll hear something official by the fall, mostly so that some production dates can be set. The only time in which we’d start to be afraid for another season is in the event the network tells us to be afraid.

For us, personally…

We tend to think that there are going to be two more seasons of the show beyond this current one, largely because that feels like the ideal length for a story like this. There are no signs out there that Sheridan will drag this show on for another four or five years, so building towards some sort of natural end point just makes a whole lot of sense here.

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What are you thinking right now about an (eventual?) Yellowstone season 6 renewal at Paramount Network?

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