‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Misha Collins teases arc leading up to finale

Misha CollinsAre we going to be seeing much more of Misha Collins’ Castiel moving forward on “Supernatural” season 8? Based on what we know already about Wednesday night’s new episode, we know that the answer here is yes without a doubt. However, as for how much of a role he will have the rest of the season, that has been shrouded in mystery.

Speaking to TVLine in a new interview, Collins had the following to say on the subject of just what is going to be happening with his character’s storyline moving forward, which suggests that even though he is involved in the tablet story, it will not necessarily be in a way that perfectly aligns with the Winchester brothers in any shape or form:

“Cas will [ultimately] be pursuing his own objectives that are not on the same path as Sam and Dean’s.”

While we don’t know whether or not we will see Cas every step of the way in the final few episodes, we can largely assume that there will be much more of his story to tell now. Why? Collins will be a series regular for season 9, which means that he will not be bouncing around the schedule nearly as much as he has for the past two years. The writings will need to paint him in a light that allows him to have a larger role in the Winchesters’ storylines, and with that, we have to hope that he, Sam, and Dean will be on the same page by the time the end credits roll in May.

What do you want to see transpire with Cas moving forward on “Supernatural”? As always, we want to hear some more of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to read some more news on an upcoming episode title, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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