Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire? Did Stella Kidd die?

Chicago Fire season 11 artIs Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire following tonight’s season 11 episode 10? We know that there have been questions over the past month, and it’s hard for there not to be. Just think about the big cliffhanger that we had with Stella and Carver!

Ultimately, we’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t that worried that something bad was going to happen to Stella. Mayo is such a huge part of this show, for starters, and it feels like the writers wouldn’t want to kill her off so close to her and Severide getting married. Also, we’ve seen this show create cliffhangers like this before with the likes of Casey and Severide both, and they managed to be okay! The explosion to us felt like more of an incentive to keep watching, but there could still be some aftermath to explore.

Carver, meanwhile, we were a little more worried about, but that’s just because we are talking about a more recent character here. The writers are always going to be inclined to eliminate someone who isn’t a major part of the show, mostly because that does create the illusion that “no one is safe,” regardless of whether or not it’s really true.

So did Stella make it? Even though it took the show about ten minutes to give us some positive news, signs point to her making it out of this okay. The shrapnel could be a problem for a while and she was badly injured, but we don’t view this as anywhere near as touch-and-go as what we’ve seen from some characters in the past.

Is it possible that this situation causes Stella to reevaluate some things? Potentially, but it’s also important to remember that this is who she is; this is not someone who ever tends to run from danger. She’s going to do whatever she can to protect her team.

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Entering tonight’s new Chicago Fire season 11 episode, did you expect Stella Kidd to be okay?

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