Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date: Reason for the wait

Power Book IV: Force season 1Why are we waiting so long for a Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date? These questions are often complicated to answer. In this case, though, it may be even more complicated than you’d think.

First and foremost, let’s get the obvious out of the way: As a network, Starz wants to space out their 50 Cent produced shows as much as they can. This is a way for them to keep subscribers as long as possible, and we can’t forget (even if we’d like to sometimes) that television is a business. They are going to do whatever they can to get as much money as possible, and we don’t anticipate that changing. Since Power Book II: Ghost and BMF both wrapped production long before the Joseph Sikora series did, it makes sense for both of them to air beforehand. (We’re anticipating, for now, that Force ends up premiering when we get around to either late May or June.)

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Now, this is where things get complicated, as we should note that there’s another reason why a lot of Starz programming is taking so long: The split-up of Lionsgate and Starz. Lionsgate is one of the companies that has been involved in the Power universe, and both them and the network are in the process of trying to make a transition as seamless as possible. These business-related matters are also why we are still waiting for two other shows in Heels and Hightown, as this stuff takes a good while to sort through.

Ultimately, the corporate shakeup should not impact the long-term future of Force or any other show in the franchise that much. So long as you keep watching, there is zero reason to believe that any of these shows are going anywhere.

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Is there anything that you are especially excited to see when it comes to Power Book IV: Force season 2, no matter when it premieres?

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