1923 season 1 episode 4: Harrison Ford leaving? Our theory

1923 season 1

Is Harrison Ford really going to be gone from 1923 before we get too deep into season 1 episode 4? We’ve already seen a lot of thoughts and theories and honestly, we get it. This is a huge actor, and the idea of losing a prominent character like Jacob Dutton so soon would be stunning.

Ultimately, let’s just say that this is one of the reasons why we’re fairly optimistic that he’ll be sticking around … at least for now.

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Does writer – producer Taylor Sheridan want to create the feeling that no one is safe on this show? Absolutely, and we honestly commend him for it! That’s a hard sort of sentiment to convey, and he did pull that off by ensuring someone else is dead following episode 3. Jacob just doesn’t have to join them.

Do we think that audiences would still watch 1923 without Ford on board? Most likely, but there would be more unease killing him off this early. So much was made of the Indiana Jones actor’s casting before the season, and he was also so involved in the promotion for the story. If Jacob does get killed off, it feels more likely to happen at the end of the season than this early in the process. (Remember, there is already a season 2 ordered.)

Beyond all of this, the biggest reason why Ford will stay put is for a reason we suggested over the weekend: We personally don’t think the shootout in episode 3 was written to kill Jacob off. Instead, the purpose was to find a justification for Spencer to come back to the Ranch. This situation led to Cara writing that letter, and the story wouldn’t be as compelling if Spencer stayed in Africa or other parts of the world for the entirety of the series. In the end, that’s what the writers are getting at here.

Do you think that Jacob Dutton will still be alive entering 1923 season 1 episode 4 on Paramount+?

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