1923 season 1 episode 4 preview: Is Jacob Dutton really dead?

1923 season 1As we get ourselves prepared for 1923 season 1 episode 4 on Paramount+ next week, one thing is abundantly clear. The folks at Paramount+, clearly, want you to be thinking a lot about Jacob Dutton’s future.

Is there a chance that Harrison Ford’s character is actually dead? For the time being, all we can really say is that they clearly want you to be thinking about it. This is a guy who was brutally injured in the attack at the end of this weekend’s new episode, and the producers want you to be worried.

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How worried should you be? We think it’s pretty easy to write off what just happened and say that this is a fairly inconsequential cliffhanger. However, doing that may be simplifying things a little bit too much all things considered. Remember for a moment that Taylor Sheridan has killed some big characters in the past, and there is something to be said for casting an A-lister like Ford just to ensure that people watch your show, only to then kill him after a few episodes.

For us personally, though, we tend to think that Jacob will survive. There’s just so much story that could be left to tell with him! There are still some interesting questions to think about with the character, though, with one of the big ones being how he recovers from what happened. He may never be the same and that will force a major changing of the guard when it comes to the ranch overall. We know already that Cara has written to Spencer, asking for him to come back to the ranch. We’re sure that he could in due time, but coming back from where he is in Africa won’t be some immediate thing!

In the end, what we saw tonight should just be a reminder of one thing: You will see a lot of high stakes and dangerous situations the rest of the way.

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Entering 1923 season 1 episode 4 on Paramount+ next weekend, what do you think are the chances they kill off Jacob?

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