Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: A trailer, story emphasis

Ted Lasso season 2At this point, we think it’s more than clear we want some Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date news. We are reasonably confident we will be getting it soon. If the plan truly is to see the Jason Sudeikis comedy back in either late winter or early spring, why not announce something in the month of January? That gives viewers plenty of time to catch up / re-watch, and it’s also not too far away from the date that casual fans will forget about it. (We’d also expect a full trailer by the end of the winter.)

Beyond just timing out the announcement and the actual date itself, there is something else that Apple TV+ should really consider: How to bring the story of this title character home. There’s a chance that this is going to be the final season. With that in mind, we tend to think there is going to be some significant character arcs from top to bottom.

It’s fascinating to talk about Ted Lasso in terms of its larger themes, mostly because it is actually a fairly simple show once you hone everything down. This is in some ways a show about soccer, but it’s not really a show about soccer. It’s also not about success, income, or even romance. It’s mostly about the search for internal joy. In the first season, Ted left America in order to find some distance from his broken marriage and find something that could truly be his own. There was a quest for happiness there on the inside; he could take care and inspire others, but he struggled to take care of himself.

In season 2, the story took its time to dive more into what makes Ted Lasso the man tick, and how he needed to tackle his demons and move past the difficult parts of his past. It allowed him to access potential joy that he never could before. He is a work in progress, but he’s getting there.

Moving into season 3, we imagine that the search for happiness will be fully realized. That may mean heading back to America with a better understanding of who he is; or, it could mean his family comes out to the UK. It could mean many different things, but we imagine that this season will be about, and be marketed as, a real journey for Ted to find that smile on the inside. We already know that it’s there for everyone on the outside.

Hopefully, at least some of this will be present in a premiere-date announcement; if not then, perhaps you’ll see it in an official trailer.

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