NBC’s ‘The Office’ series finale: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson speak as filming ends

The OfficeAfter nine seasons of hard work and dedication for the cast and crew, “The Office” finally wrapped filming late Saturday night / early Sunday (depending on where you are). The show had an opportunity to celebrate their achievement courtesy of a wrap party, though we’re sure that there were plenty of people who were so emotional that it was hard to really even celebrate in that given moment.

The photo attached here (which was posted on Twitter by series star Rainn Wilson, with the timestamp attached as a caption) may ultimately be the saddest thing of all: a shot of the Dunder-Mifflin set without the presence of any employees at all. This was a set that at one point was alive with activity, as the employees of the nation’s most-famous fictional paper company were constantly making sales, dealing with hijinks, and trying to figure out what they wanted from their future.

Following the end of filming, John Krasinski posted online a series of tweets that really sum up the series in many ways: they came straight from the heart, and there was also just enough humor mixed in to remind you that above all, the purpose of this show is to make you smile:

“It was the greatest honor to be a part of this show! Thanks for getting behind it. Yup… That’s what she said … You are the reason we made it on air…You’re the reason we stayed on this long…And you’re the reason we all had the time of our lives! … There is truly nothing any of us can say that could be enough. But to each and every fan of our show we simply say… We love you.”

Although original star Steve Carell declined on many occasions to take part in the final season (mostly because he liked the way in which Michael Scott left the show and he did not want to destroy the significance of that moment), he did post a message this weekend that was in so many ways classy:

“Thinking of the cast, crew, writers, et al of ‘The Office’ on your final day of filming. Love you.”

If you want to see what some of the other “Office” cast members had to say about the series finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Twitter / Rainn Wilson

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