‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 finale spoilers: Spencer’s big lie

Pretty Little LiarsAs you know from some of the other footage released already for Tuesday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” finale, we are going to see a much darker side of Spencer Hastings moving forward … including one that lies to her friends in order to take on her most dangerous mission to date. Did she end up getting out of Radley Sanitarium? Sure, but not before deciding that she was going to take on “The A Team” in a completely different sort of way: by joining them.

We don’t know for sure if Spencer is really falling off the deep end, or if she is just trying to take down the evils within this group by being a part of it. Regardless, she blatantly lies to Hanna, Aria, and Emily’s faces in the sneak peek below, explaining that she is better now just because she realized that she was not going to let the heartbreak associated with Toby be enough to completely break her down.

Not only that, but Spencer handed out an invite to an event: a soiree of sorts supposedly put on by her parents in order to convince the Rosewood community that she is not crazy, and she really only went to this institution to battle exhaustion. There’s a line here that reminds us of the episode title “She’s Better Now” from earlier this season, and you have to believe that there is going to be much more happening at this event than just friendly chitter-chatter.

What do you think Spencer is really trying to pull here, and do you think that her friends will ultimately forgive her despite the enormity of her lie at the moment? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also check out some more finale spoilers here.

Photo: ABC Family

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