She-Hulk season 2 renewal: Will news come soon at Disney+?

She-Hulk season 1

Is Disney+ at a point yet where they are going to announce a She-Hulk season 2 renewal? It feels like something that is inevitable; yet, it’s also something that they have yet to reveal for whatever reason.

If we had to render some sort of explanation for the lack of news out there on this subject, it is likely tied to the streaming service waiting to see what the larger plans are for Jen Walters across the MCU. Are there some other shows or movies that could feature the character? Sure, but at the same time it remains to be seen if the character would honestly be that good of a fit for a lot of them. The producers of this show created She-Hulk in a largely comedic way, which would make it pretty jarring if she was to suddenly appear in a product that was overly dark and brooding. There has to be a certain amount of balance that is calculated here, and we do know that to a certain extent, that can be a hard thing to figure out.

In the end, we do think that you’ll hear about a season 2 at some point in 2023 and at this point, we’re honestly curious as to how the show would be structured. How do you top the super-meta ending that we saw at the end of season 1? We do think the show would benefit from a little more structure or even a specific adversary; so much of the first season was about Jen the character and while that worked, it did make some episodes feel particularly disjointed.

Let’s just hope that Disney+ doesn’t pull some sort of surprise on us and send this character off into the sunset. That’s one of the other things we’ve been wondering about with another series in Moon Knight that we’re desperate to get some other news on before too long.

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