Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date: Schedule talk

Power Book IV: Force season 1As so many of you are more than likely aware at this point, Power Book IV: Force season 2 is not going to be premiering for a rather long time. Would it be great to see the Joseph Sikora series back in the late winter / early spring? Absolutely, but we have to look at the reality of this situation … and it is not one that makes us altogether hopeful that we’ll get it soon.

Earlier this month, we got the long-awaited confirmation that Power Book II: Ghost is going to be back in mid-March, and what that means for Force is that we are likely looking at a premiere in late May or early June. Sure, in theory it could be earlier, but there’s nothing about the release patterns at Starz over the years that make us think that they are going to be altogether willing to shake things up here in a particularly big way.

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If we are to project the upcoming schedule outward for Force season 2, there are a few things that should make themselves evident almost right away. First and foremost, there shouldn’t be some substantial break during the season — filming is already done, so there’s no reason to think we’ll have a break for that reason. Could we get a week or two off along the way? Sure, but that is probably the maximum.

Our current feeling is that Force is going to run until at least late July or early August, and that Starz is going to use this to set the stage for a smooth transition over to season 3 of Raising Kanan. It would be pretty ambitious for them to air three straight Power shows like this in succession, but why not go for it? This is an opportunity to really take the bull by the horns when it comes to the schedule and really push this fan base in a way that you haven’t seen in a good while.

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