Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 return date hopes

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1After what you see tonight, absolutely we want to get the Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 return date at Paramount Network. Why not? This is a show that completely dominates both the ratings and the entertainment world when it’s on!

For those who aren’t currently aware, though, things are being operated a little bit differently this time around. There is no new episode next week, but the plan here is for the series to return on January 1 for what is being labeled the “midseason” finale.

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Based on most current indications, the plan is that we will see the second half of season 5 when we get around to either late winter or the spring — odds are, the 1923 prequel show will be done with its first season by the time it returns. That gives Taylor Sheridan and all of the producers behind the scenes the ample time to edit and prepare the remainder of the story.

As for what lies ahead…

The biggest threat to the Duttons right now is Sarah Atwood, who is working with Jamie Dutton now on a scheme that is going to get John potentially impeached. That sets the stage for Jamie to become Governor someday, and of course there’s a lot of drama and intrigue that comes along with that.

Meanwhile, we tend to think that the end of this episode perfectly paves the way for the 6666 Ranch to be integrated in a huge way. After all the cattle are going to be heading south after an illness has stricken the herd, and Texas seems like the perfect spot since there won’t be any snow on the ground. It feels pretty clear that Jefferson White’s character of Jimmy will be pretty darn important all over again!

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What are you most interested in seeing when it comes to Yellowstone season 5 episode 8?

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